Military academy cuts energy use by 27%

Thanks to a Danfoss system controller, the Riverside Military Academy in Georgia, USA, now monitors energy use in all campus buildings – and acts to prevent energy over-use.

— Friday, 08 August 2014 By Danfoss

The 460 cadets at Riverside Military Academy in Gainesville can no longer turn up the temperatures in their dorm rooms to 27° Celsius. After installing a Danfoss AK-SC system controller, the academy has been able to monitor energy use everywhere – from dormitories and classrooms to the dining hall and swimming pool – and, in doing so has been able to identify the largest consumers and prevent energy over-use.

In addition, the motor that controls the flow of chemicals to the academy’s Olympic-sized swimming pool, has been equipped with a Danfoss frequency converter. This means that the motor slows down and speeds up as needed rather than running constantly, and, as result, the academy is currently projecting pool energy savings of nearly US$11,000 annually.

Other changes include the installation of a Danfoss light-level sensor and a light bulb upgrade. The light-level sensor works with each individual building’s outdoor lighting to maintain cohesive switch-on and switch-off. Automatic switch-on and switch-off can also be set for a specific time.
Based on the monitoring, the academy has taken several steps that have enabled it to cut annual energy use by 27%.


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